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With today’s editing programs for photography, you no longer have to be discouraged with old photographs that have become discolored or worn away. Programs like Adobe® Photoshop® can easily be used to fix these photo challenges. Take a look at the before and after photos below.


Enjoy these t-shirt designs I created for my friends and me for our Road Trip 2010. I used the great software from Adobe®, Illustrator CS5. Planning on wearing them as much as possible throughout the trip and maybe even on the “Today Show” when we get to NYC…we’ll see!


Photoshop® World, put on every six months in different locations around the country, is such a GREAT experience for any amateur or professional photographer and/or graphic designer. From the caliber of  class instructors to the amount of information you can learn in a 3-4 day period, it is well-worth the price of admission. Because they put on so many classes from photography to Adobe® software tutorials on Photoshop®, Lightroom®, InDesign®, AfterEffects®, and so much more, they give you a book (more like an encyclopedia, actually) of all the classes given at the convention. It’ll take a year to go through it! But it’s information that can be put into action immediately.

Plus, there is a always a huge exhibition of great vendors like Mpix and Media Lab, makers of the awesome SiteGrinder3 software. I got so much valuable information just talking to some of the vendors. As an added bonus, for a minimum charitable donation, I even got a head shot from one of the top National Association of Photoshop Professional’s (NAPP) Photographers & Instructors, Dave Cross. Boy, did I feel special! So special, in fact, that I just HAD to take a photo of him – with my iPhone. Imagine, a professional photographer getting his head shot taken with an iPhone!

Dave Cross

Dave was a good sport, letting me take his photo right after he took mine!

Another attendee, Design by Firgs, has listed some interviews with folks who were teaching and learning at Photoshop® World on her blog. Check it out!

iPhone photo

iPhone app, 'Best Camera', can add special effects to iPhone photos

The ‘Best Camera’ iPhone Application can add some amazing special effects to a photo located on your iPhone.


Beautiful Photo from

What a gorgeous photo from this great site I found for free stock photos (can be used commercially as long as you add their web site address) from


With the new Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 version, making selections has never been easier. The Quick Selection Tool is like having the Magic Wand and the Lasso tool with the best features of each combined to create the most efficient and useful selection tool to date. I was able to create this before and after product photo for a friend’s company within about 5 minutes!

Terry White's iPhone App

Follow the "Cookie Crumbs" to download this app to your iPhone

I owe most of my new career to the fabulous gurus over at NAPP (the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, an organization all Photoshop amateurs and professionals SHOULD join without a doubt) and Terry White happens to be one of them. From the books to the podcasts, these guys know how to teach ‘Everything Adobe‘. Terry has come up with a great new iPhone App that is sure to please those of us who learn by watching and doing. And the bonus videos are worth the low, low price. You cannot miss out on this great app.


senior portrait yearbook page

See what can be done with your senior portrait

There are so many great ways to show off a senior’s (high school and college) portraits with templates and digital designs. Here is just one example of a great layout by


Overwhelmed with your photos? Have they been hiding in bags, boxes, drawers, or other on your computer for years? Let our scrapbook artists organize them into high quality scrapbooks for you.


These before and after photos display the technique of Digital Painting. The photo was touched up first in Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 to make it easy to paint. Then it was “digitally painted” using Corel® Painter™ 11. The entire process took about 2-3 hours only because it was my first attempt. To truly make the image (final size 11″x14″) look like it was painted on a canvas, I uploaded the photo for processing to Mpix on a stretched canvas material with a lacquer protective finish.